Practising Ruptures is a research project from dance artist Quindell Orton that investigates artistic practice as a tool for socio-political shift.

This research is in dialogue with other artists, activists and thinkers through online and in flesh meetings. Collaborators and dialogue partners thus far include Eléonore Bovet, Susanne Schneider, Theresa Bitterman, Adrian Blount, Aurora Bonetti, Claire Lefevre, Laura Saumweber, Sahra Huby, Keith Zenga King, Alexandra Paal, Wiebke Dobers and this is an ever evolving list and thread of research. 
Combining readings, discussions, brainstorming, dreaming and physical tasks this research aims to investigate and develop acts of rupture. The form of this can range from a performative action to something that is left behind in public space. Through the research I am/we are also looking at how our everyday practices and working practices align with these thoughts. Our lives are interwoven in this fabric, in these socio-political systems and therefore the ‘construction’ zones and multiple and converging. 

This research stems from the research project the Nomadic Academy from Anna Konjetzky and continues to be affected and fed by it. The Playground program Practice and Knowledge Sharing intertwines similarly with this research as there is a shared and continuing desire to try shift, shape and question the world we live in.  

This research project admits and accepts in being ambitious and naive. What would a research be without the space for not knowing, naivety and finding out/trying out?

This research is supported by the City of Munich culture fund and the Playground, Alexandra Reichart in website matters, by all those who have fed directly and indirectly this line of inquiry in the last year through passing conversations, references, practices, questions and my cat for the consistent work she does at disrupting the species hierarchy.