R. U. P. T. U. R. E. S

Real Utopian Practises Together Undoing and Rethinking Embedded Systems

Rupture from rumpere, to break, to burst, to split, to interrupt and force open. 

A break in concord and peace. Rupture can be negatively connotated, the break in friendly relations, a breach of peace, a ruptured spleen… But when the relations are questionably friendly, are ‘peaceful’ for not everyone and restricting rather than liberating then a rupture is perhaps necessary and welcomed. 

We live within oppressive systems of colonialism, patriarchy, humanism, anthropocentrism, neoliberalism, capitalism, racism, sexism, heteronormative, ableism and reproduce and thus construct them each day. Sounds heavy but as WE construct these systems (often simply by repeating a default) WE can reconstruct them however we like, by changing what we practise. Practising ruptures seeks to create breaks in these systems, by disrupting through proposing. Each small tear and interrupting, affecting the social fabric we live in, asking what stayed systems do we need and want to change?

Practising Ruptures is a research project supported by the City of Munich culture fund and the Playground.